OSHA Worker Fatalities Infographic

Design, illustration, copywriting, research

This is an infographic I designed/illustrated while employed as Graphic Designer at ICC Compliance Center — a provider of solutions for regulatory compliance in transportation and workplace safety; specializing in labeling, packaging, training and consulting. Management wanted a set of new hazmat transportation and workplace safety infographics to post on their website and social media outlets in order to promote safety awareness and spread the word about the company’s products, services, and training.

The challenge with the OSHA workplace fatality statistics infographic was to design an informational graphic that would help provide a simple, yet effective break down of the tragic losses. Working in collaboration with one of our regulatory specialists, we picked out the data sets and I designed and illustrated the various pictograms, grave markers, vest and hardhat, fatal injuries, etc.

This infographic seeks to make an emotional impact on the viewer (albeit an unpleasant one) in order to help visually quantify the amount of tragic deaths in the workplace. The concluding elements end on a more positive note and explain the impact that OSHA has had in enforcing workplace safety in the United States since 1970. The organization has helped decrease injuries and workplace fatalities by a staggering 65%, while employment in the U.S. has nearly doubled!

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Infographic as seen on the ICC Compliance Center website: